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Miles loved hearing her get loud, it meant he was hitting all of the right spots. He picked her up and put her on her back, grinding into her slowly to get a reaction from her.

Melanie panted. and noticing he was going slow just to tease her made her scowl up at him. “Don’t do that,” she pouts, pulling him down so that she could kiss him passionately, forcing her tongue into his mouth.


"Okay. I’ll go buy a baby book or something maybe. Go get some rest. I love you." He said watching her walk off to bed.

Melina hesitated, and turned to look over her shoulder. “You’re not going to come to bed with me?


Miles just held her close while pumping in and out of her. He Kissed her deeply and kept his fast pace, her tight body causing a groan to slip from his lips. “Louder.”

His proceeding thrusts sent her squirming, making Melanie whimper and practically scream each time her pounded into her tenderness. “Fuck-! Miles…!”


He reached behind her and pulled her hair a little while sliding into her over and over, kissing her neck softly. “Cum for me princess.” He whispered while looking into her deep blue eyes.” His thrusts becoming faster and harder.

"Ah-h," Melanie gasped in pleasure, feeling him go harder, and she laced her fingers into his scalp tightly. "M-Miles-!" The warming, pleasuring sensation washed over her body as it tensed harshly on top of him, making her let out a strained cry.


"Ok fine, I guess not. I want something that starts with a T or a B that sound’s really cool. Like…Brenadon. How’s that?"

”..Brenadon?” Melina asked with a tired sigh before turning to walk away. “We.. we’re gonna have to continue talking about this later, Peet…”


I thought we were going to get  m a r r i e d 

                                                            but now

                                                                         we just hate each other’s guts


"I’m pretty sure your body’s to blame." Miles groaned in between the kisses with a smile. He squeezed her ass while fucking her like this, kissing her deeply and groaning every time her tight pussy enveloped his cock.

Melanie grinned at his words as she continued to ride him, her movements down onto him getting firmer, wanting him to get even deeper inside of her each time, which made her whimpers louder, and she let her head hang back a bit, her long dark hair trailing down her back. “Fuck, Miles..”


"If it’s a boy then…I’d like to name him something from that anime Bleach. What do you think of Toshiro?"

Melina scrunched her nose up a bit. “..Anime? Honey, do you really want to name our child after something from a Japanese cartoon?”


"How about we compromise and make it Alexandria? What do you say to that?"

Melina’s expression lifts and she nods. “I love that, thank you,” she said, hugging him tight. “I wanted the name to be similar to Alexander like my father. But what about if it’s a boy?”


Miles held onto her hips, driving into her at a slow pace while kissing her softly. “You’re really tight, you know that?” With those words he slid further into her than before and started up a fast pace, making the bed start to creak.

Melanie began to whimper, feeling him drive into her while her hips went down onto him at a faster pace. “Ah, Miles.. Maybe you’re just big..” she said, smiling as she kissed him back.