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Miles gladly stopped dancing and laughed with her. Soon he just put his hands on her waist and began to move slowly, that was something he could do well. His hands moved up and down her thighs, hen around to her ass while keeping her body close to his. “We can do both.” He mumbled, grinding the brunette against him. The only thing keeping him from doing the usual to her was the other people dancing around them. Otherwise, it’d just be them alone, but he was having fun dancing with her for the time being.

Melanie blushed, feeling his hands  roam her body a bit. “This isn’t so bad,” she mused with a teasing wink before leaning in to capture his lips with her own, but the kiss was quick, yet still sensual. “Maybe we can even find somewhere private..?”


Miles began to dance beside Melanie, swaying from side to side dramatically while moving his arms awkwardly, somehow still moving to the beat of the music but it was just a mess.

"Oh gosh," Melanie giggles, putting her hands on his shoulders to stop him, an amused but adoring look on her face as she looked into his eyes. "Come on, Miles… do you want to try to dance with me or do you just wanna go get drinks in the other room?"


Miles nodded. He knew he couldn’t dance for shit, but that didn’t really matter to him, because what he did know how to do was grind on the dancefloor with his girlfriend, and that was all that counted to him. “This is going to be so embarrassing.”

Melanie giggled, and gave his lips a quick kiss before pulling him into the louder, booming room with lots of people and loud music. “I don’t care, I just want a sample,” she taunts, bringing him closer to her so she’s looking right up into his eyes. “Show me, Miles.”



Meaning that if my character angers your muse, it’s okay that yours reacts violently, especially if that is the nature of your character.

But you do not get to kill them without my permission.

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Every time I see this kiss its like I forgot just how insanely hot it is. Considering I’m very much a jawline kinda girl, the way he devours her face is basically pornographic. 

Brett knows how to kiss a woman. *whimper*